Champions League Betting Options

Champions League betting options are available for gamblers looking to make a soccer bet beginning each July and continuing through the following month of May.

The tournament began in 1955 as a tournament for winners of European football leagues and became known as the European Cup and eventually the Champions League. Champions League betting involves a two-leg format where teams play matches home and away.

In the 1997-98 season, the tournament expanded to include champions and runner-ups. Champions League betting begins in July with qualifying and continues through the year and into the following year with the knockout round and eventually the final in May. All of these matches have great soccer betting lines attached to them.

Champions League betting is just like other forms of soccer betting where you are wagering into a money line or a three-way betting line. The money line soccer bet option in Champions League betting does not include the draw while the three-way betting line does. The choice to make a soccer bet on the total is available on both the money line and the three-way Champions League betting lines.

Handicapping soccer is similar to other forms of sports betting. You will have various statistics and data to consider for Champions League betting but it is a little bit different because you have teams from all over Europe competing. Usually some of the same teams though will compete each year and you can find a little bit of history for your Champions League betting wager. Italy and Spain have been the most successful countries for gamblers to consider in Champions League betting. Both countries have won 11 titles. England is just behind with 10 titles. Real Madrid has the most titles with nine followed by AC Milan with 7. Liverpool has the third most with five titles. Germany’s top team with four titles is Bayern Munich while the Netherlands top team is AFC Ajax who has also won four titles.

Champions League betting will always be popular since it includes so many teams from so many different countries. Enjoy the great Champions League betting action this year and every year.

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