Brazil Favored vs. Ivory Coast in Sunday World Cup Gambling

October 12th, 2017 Football Soccer

Sunday’s World Cup gambling is highlighted by the match between Brazil and Ivory Coast.

With a win, Brazil will advance to the knockout round and they are favored in World Cup betting odds to get it. This match will be televised on Sunday by ABC.

World Cup gambling favors Brazil by a half goal at -145 with a total on the match listed at 2.5 under. The three-way soccer betting line has Brazil at -150, Ivory Coast at +475 and the Draw at +240. This is a match that Ivory Coast has been looking forward to for a long time so the intensity level should be high on Sunday. It won’t be easy for Ivory Coast since Brazil has never lost a World Cup match to an African team. In fact, they have never given up a goal in the World Cup to an African team. In all competitions, Brazil has won 23 of their 24 matches against African teams, winning by a combined 65-7.

The key in this match for Ivory Coast in World Cup betting odds could be the play of Didier Drogba. He entered the match against Portugal as a substitute but only had one good scoring chance. When Drogba played, Ivory Coast scored 3.2 goals per game in qualifying. When he didn’t play, they scored just 1.9 goals per game.

Brazil won their opening against North Korea but they were not that impressive in the 2-1 win. Kaka does not seem to be playing well and that is a major concern for Brazil. Robinho created most of the goal scoring chances in the match against North Korea. Kaka was substituted for in the 78th minute against North Korea and Robinho moved into Kaka’s midfield position. If Brazil does not get better play out of Kaka they could be in some trouble.

Ivory Coast would be happy just to get a draw in this match. Most people believe that Brazil will win Group G so it really comes down to whether or not Ivory Coast or Portugal can get a point against the Brazilian powerhouse and be the other team that advances. Ivory Coast gets the first chance on Sunday and then Portugal gets their shot next week.

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