Blackburn versus Liverpool Soccer Matchup Preview

January 13th, 2020 Football Soccer

As the Euro Soccer playoffs still playing around for a spot in the FA Cup Semifinals, the Blackburn Rovers and Liverpool Reds in their first game of 90 minutes could not separate themselves as the match ended in a scoreless tie, thus soccer fans will be entertained with another 90 minute game and whatever else is required to determine who moves on to the Cup Semi’s.

This game will be played on Wednesday the 8th of Feb. 2015 at the Ewood Park in Liverpool, United Kingdom at 2.45 PM ET with the opening odds favoring the Reds at -180 and the Rovers at +425 and the total at 2.5 and a draw at + 260. In recent matches the Reds have lost 2 games the last 2 weeks to strong rivals and Liverpool is seeking a favorable result in this match-up with the Rovers.

So what’s on the line, it’s one of these two teams will move on to the FA Cup semi’s, and Liverpool has already lost out on the Champions and Primer League playoffs so a win here would save their season..

If you’re a Rovers fan and you Bet on Soccer at an Offshore Betting site, your aware your team in a warm up game before the quarterfinal Liverpool Reds rematch, stomped United of Leeds at 3-0 this past Saturday the 4th of Feb. 2015. The 3 goals in that game all came from different players as Rhodes, Spearing and Cairney each scored 1 goal at Leeds.

In their last game with the Reds of Liverpool, Rover Manager Bower did not play their leading scorer this season Rhodes in that game, as Bower chose to play a very conservative format that worked as they held the Reds scoreless. A good point in this upcoming game on Wednesday is the Rovers will be going up against the Reds whose confidence and performances as of late have not been up to par due to injuries, and the Rovers front line should be able to present some problems and score some goals which did not happen in their last scoreless draw.

If you’re a Red fan your dream to be in the Champions League disappeared after the loss on the 4th of Feb. to Arsenal, so now there only opportunity to improve on a struggling season would be to claim a sport in the semifinals of the FA Cup.

Liverpool has always been known for their incredible defense that lately has seriously struggled compiled with underperformances from their center backs and 2 of the 3 will not play against the Rovers. That coupled with player’s contract disputes has added to their game performances, especially Sterling who has only managed scoring 1 goal in his last 7 games.

Regardless of those negative points, the Reds still have a lot of talent on their roster, and those team members are anxious to overcome a couple of ugly losses, the Red just may find the areas to score against the Rovers of Blackburn and win the game and move on to the FA Cup Semifinals. Thus the media experts see Liverpool scoring 2 goals and holding the Rover scoreless at 0.

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