Soccer Betting

Soccer betting is very popular around the world and SBG Global has exciting football soccer betting lines available for you to wager on each day.

Soccer betting is not that difficult to understand and can be profitable. Let’s take look at football soccer betting and how to understand the betting lines here at SBG Global.

Football soccer betting sides are the most popular form of wagering on soccer at SBG Global.  That means you are betting on which team in a particular matchup will win the game straight up.

The favorite will have a money line posted and the underdog will have plus money on them.  It is similar in many respects to a baseball or hockey line except that you also have the three-way betting option at SBG Global which means you have the option for a tie.

Here is an example of a football soccer betting line from the Major League Soccer between Houston Dynamo and Los Angeles Galaxy. It includes the Total and a three-way Money Line that includes the Draw.

When you consider football soccer betting there are some basic rules to keep in mind.  A wager becomes official after ninety minutes of playing time and if it is played within one week of its scheduled date or played within the designated tournament at the time of the original bet. In football soccer betting the home field edge is huge.  It is greater than in any other sport and you will see that reflected in the football soccer betting line.  It is not unusual to see a great home team in soccer laying -500 on the money line.  You need to take the home field edge into account anytime you are betting soccer.  The main football soccer leagues are the FA Premier League, the Italian League, Champions League, MLS, Spanish League, German League and French League.  There are also many different soccer tournaments for football soccer betting led by the World Cup and the EURO Cup.