Bayern Munich vs. FC Porto Quarterfinals 2nd Leg

January 10th, 2020 Football Soccer

The UEFA Champions League playoffs are now in their 2nd Leg of the Quarterfinals which basically for those not European that signifies the 2nd game as the Bayern Munich team play FC Porto in their 2nd game of a 2 game series in the quarterfinals of this Soccer Championship tournament with the game being played at the Allianz Arena in Munich Germany at 2:45 PM ET in the 21st of April 2015.

In their 1st game the Germans of Bayern Munich were crushed by FC Porto in their 1st game 3-1 with their very quick and pressing game plan and were actually left confused about their offensive plan for that game. Now Bayern will have to accomplish all in this 2nd Leg game as their desire to win this tournament diminishes. With the 2nd game moving to Germany, the question is can FC Porto finish the job they started in Portugal in this critical quarterfinal game?

The outlook on this game is that if FC Porto makes 2 or more goals in this 2nd game then Bayern Munich would have to win by 3 goals differences, and that seems highly unlikely!

If you’re a Bayern Munich and Bet on Soccer at a Sportsbook you must know that their famed manager Guardiola has not found a way to win a road game in the 1st leg of the knockout stage of the Champions league as his record is no 4 wins 5 losses and 8 draws in his career games on the road which total 17 and playing Bayern Munich he has 1 win 2 losses and 2 draws. Now he has done better in the home with 11 wins 1 loss and 4 draws, but that does nothing for what they need to do t o beat FC Porto on Tuesday. If Bayern Munich is to win this game against FC Porto they will have to learn how to overcome their pressuring, as in the last game they made to many errors in their back field that allowed FC Porto to make goals.

But in reality they have other problems, such as injuries to Ribery and Robben on the flanks and they will have to wake up Goetz, but put all that aside and the Bayern team still has a lot of talent in other star players like Lewandowski and Mueller.

If you’re a FC Porto fan their Manage Lopetegui seem to come up with a perfect game play against Bayern in that 1st Leg game, as he pressed and fill the midfield, which led the Bayern defenders to make critical errors and confused their midfielders. The result they now are the only team without any losses in this tournament have no losses, 3 draws and 6 wins.

The FC Porto team cannot compare player for player talent with that of Bayern Munich, but the system he used in beating Bayern in Leg 1 leads most to believe he will have his team ready to defend their 2 goal lead even playing on the road in Germany.

There is no question that from the opening whistle they will be under attack, as Bayern seeks to score goals, so their defense trio that played so well in the Portugal game of Herrera, Oliver and Casemiro will have to duplicate that defensive effort if FC Porto is to win this Leg 2 game.

The experts pick Bayern Munich to win this 2nd Leg game 2-1; however that’s not enough to keep FC Porto of advancing to the Semifinals of this UEFA Tournament.

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