Algeria vs. United States in Wednesday World Cup Betting

Despite only getting two points in their first two World Cup betting matches, the United States will move on to the round of 16 if they defeat Algeria on Wednesday.

Even though they got robbed of victory against Slovenia by a referee’s bad call, the United States is in very good shape since they just need to beat the worst team in Group C in World Cup odds.

World Cup betting odds favor the United States by a half goal in this match on Wednesday that can be seen on ESPN.  The three-way line has the United States at -120, Algeria at +300 and the Draw at +240. The total on the match is 2 under.

Algeria is coming off a surprising 0-0 draw with England.  They played well defensively but they were no threat to score. In their two matches Algeria has yet to score so if the United States can find a way to score even one goal that may be enough. The U.S. has shown the ability to score goals so they should be able to win this match. 

Algeria could actually advance to the round of 16 if they win this match against the United States and if Slovenia defeats England in World Cup odds. Algeria has been very solid on defense but they have to find a way to score if they hope to advance.  A draw does them no good in this match.

The United States has fallen behind in both of their first two matches but with Algeria’s lack of offense that doesn’t seem to be as much of a concern on Wednesday. Unless the United States makes a big mistake it seems unlikely that Algeria has the ability to score a goal.  They were not much of a threat in their first match against Slovenia and against England they were no threat to score.  Even if they do find a way through the United States defense they would still have to beat goalkeeper Tim Howard and that seems unlikely. 

The United States is in perfect position to advance to the round of 16. They simply need to beat a weak Algeria team and the World Cup betting odds say they should do exactly that on Wednesday.

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