2014 World Cup Betting: What if Brazil Loses?

February 10, 2014 Football Soccer

A question has risen regarding the 2014 FIFA world cup in Brazil, and that’s what happens if Brazil does not win the Cup.  If you ask Brazilians they will tell you that Brazil will win the games through the final on July 13, 2014 and possibly the cup. That’s optimism that makes sense considering they’re the hosts, playing at home and they have won a total of five (5) World Cups, which is more than any other country.
So if the host team gets knocked out in the early games, which could be probable if playing the defending Cup Holder Spain or the runner-up team from 2010 the Netherlands in the first games. Do the Brazilians go sour if they lose or just take the disappointment in stride?  Would they gulp losing along with cranked up Samba music and caipirinha cocktails and continue the party?  

Those that are in the know, claim the Brazilians have never allowed the disappointments to settle for their last home team loss at a World cup, which was in Brazil back in 1950. At that time most of the Brazilians alive today were still waiting to be born.  That was when Uruguay beat Brazil 2-1 and that loss and disappointment have been passed on from one generation of Brazilians to the next.  In the game the fans expected to see Brazil lift the World Cup Trophy,  but the 173,000 fans in the Maracana Stadium were silenced as goalkeeper Barbosa allowed Uruguay’s Ghiggia to score the winning goal.  The Brazilian fans were crying, and since then have never forgiven the goalkeeper for the goal.  This same attitude holds for the World Cup Betting fans should the team they wager on get knocked out of cup play.
Some interesting tales from some of the avid Brazilian fans include Luis Fernandez, who is the Deputy Sports minister and stated that some 90% of Brazilians were not even born at the time of the 1950 loss,  but they still carry the disappointment,  and he continued saying that they’ve been raised in trauma,  and socialized at the same time. 
A former soccer player who was only six at the time of that 1950 loss, remembers his father punching their radio and breaking it to pieces after Ghiggia scored on minute 79. Another player Minelli, who became a winning coach with a national team who was in a tournament on that July 16th, 1950 said all attention seemed not to be in the game they were playing, but on a broadcast of the game from radio Rio de Janeiro. He stated all were sad, and nobody wanted to believe what they were hearing on the radio.  To him it became a national disgrace for the Brazilians. 
Most are of the opinion that if Brazil does not win, the Brazilians are so much in love with soccer that they will not turn away from the remaining World Cup games. Therefore, the Brazilians have said that regardless whether they win or lose, they will party through to the end of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  Some of the experts are picking Brazil to be in the final game, which for those that Bet the World Cup would not be a disappointment.  

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