Dancing with the Stars Betting Contenders for fall 2010

The long wait is over and the Dancing with the Stars betting fans can now rest easy at night.

The ABC smash hit will be back on the air in a matter of weeks and the network recently released this year’s cast of dancer wannabes.  High times indeed for fans of this wildly popular reality show competition that pits famous people -and quasi-famous people looking to become more famous- against one another in a weekly dance off.

Past winners of the Dancing with the Stars odds competitions include a host of celebrities and athletes who have spring boarded off their DWTS success to go on to even greater fame.  Make no mistake, this is a hot ticket for most celebrities and so this year’s cast of D-listers and retired athletes has made more than just a few veterans dancing with the Stars Betting handicappers scratch their heads.  But the lineup seems to work in a train wreck sort of way and isn’t that what reality shows are all about anyway?

This season’s cast of contestants includes the following: Florence Henderson, the mother on the hit TV Classic The Brady Bunch; recently retired and future hall of fame QB Kurt Warner; MTV’s Jersey Shore resident abdominal flexor Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino; the daughter of the iconic Alaskan Tea Party fixture, Bristol Palin; 80’s crooner Michael Bolton’; C-list comedian and sometime actress Margaret Cho; Disney channel actor and relatively unknown talent Kyle Massey; The Hills star and so-called actress Audrina Patridge; retired NBA Laker Rick Fox; and the man that needs no introduction, David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff. What a motley crew indeed.

At first glance it’s a bit difficult to get a feel for this cast and form any poignant judgments about each contestant’s chances in the upcoming Dancing with the Stars betting action.

But there are few things that even the most clueless punter could deduce by looking at the photos and using past editions of DWTS as a guide.  First, the kid from Disney, Kyle Massey, looks like he’s about 13 years old and about 200 pounds overweight: not exactly the perfect recipe for success on this dance-off.

Beyond that, we’ll have to see how this bad boy unfolds in the first episode to get a better idea of how each contestant moves on the floor, but at least we now know who the competitors are.