Tour de France Odds for Mark Cavendish at SBG Global

November 30th, 2010 Cycling Betting

The Tour de France odds for Mark Cavendish are guaranteed to attract lots of attention, particularly from his home country of Britain.

Even though most sports betting enthusiasts realize Cavendish’s chances of actually winning the race are pretty slim, he is an exciting rider who may surprise unsuspecting online betting fans by winning several stages. Also, because his Tour de France betting odds will be set with such a large potential payout, they may still offer value for online sports betting fans looking to wager on a sprinter.

The Tour de France odds undoubtedly feature a large quantity of cyclists more poised to win the race than Cavendish. Nevertheless, before completely disregarding Cavendish in the Tour de France betting odds, sportsbook bettors should realize that Cavendish is quite arguably the best sprinter in the world. On the one hand, many handicappers of the Tour de France odds will point out that the race is anything but a sprint, but, on the other hand, sports book bettors should not disregard the potential for such an accomplished sprinter to perform well. In fact, those who wagered on the Tour de France odds last year may remember that Cavendish had won four stages before he left the race after the fourteenth stage to focus on the Olympics. In other words, Cavendish undoubtedly has the skills necessary to win several stages, and perhaps his Tour de France odds should not just be automatically overlooked.

The early Tour de France odds released by online sportsbook sites listed Cavendish with odds of about 500:1. Such Tour de France odds certainly do not instill much confidence in prospective bettors, as these Tour de France odds indicate that Cavendish is an extreme long shot. Nevertheless, when such Tour de France odds are established for a rider like Cavendish, bettors should not ignore the possibility of placing a minor wager on his Tour de France betting odds. With 500:1 Tour de France odds, the payout for even a small wager could be astronomical and the risk would be quite minimal. Consequently, it would be possible to wager on Cavendish’s Tour de France odds while also wagering on the Tour de France odds of several other racers. Additionally, some bettors may have the opportunity to wager on Tour de France odds for individual stage winners, and in these Tour de France odds Cavendish obviously will not always be featured as such an underdog. In fact, in the Tour de France betting odds for some stages Cavendish may very well be featured as the overall favorite, meaning bettors will need to handicap these Tour de France odds much differently from the Tour de France odds for the overall race winner.

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