Tour de France Betting Course 2009

November 30th, 2010 Cycling Betting

One of the key controllable variables in any bet on Tour action is the course layout and this year sportsbook handicappers are already calling the 2009 Tour de France betting course one of the best ever.

Tour de France betting is full of all kinds of racing variables –some controlled, some not.  This year’s layout has been designed in such a way as to maximize the suspense and racing action for as long as possible creates perhaps the most exciting finish in Tour de France betting history.

Tour de France betting events in the past have always been decided at the very least a day or two in advance of the official finish stage. But this year, hoping to add a spark to the bet on Tour action, the race officials have saved the best for last; all but ensuring the Tour de France betting action will go down to second to last day of competition.  The traditional last day ride into Paris where the leader sips champagne and the peleton rides at a leisurely pace could also turn in the key stage of the Tour de France betting.

For the first time in bet on Tour action the course has been laid out so that a mountain stage will close out the competitive riding in the Tour de France betting. This new twist, a mountain stage in the penultimate day of racing could turn the Tour de France betting standings on their head.  Having a mountain stage that close to the end of the racing, opens of the possibility of a climbing expert to gain huge amounts of time, or a flats sprinter high on the leader board to slip down –thus scrambling the Tour de France betting standings.

If that were to happen we could very well see the 21st stage ride to Paris turn into an all out war for the Tour de France betting victory. Anyone that has partaken in the Tour de France betting in the past knows that race is all but concluded before the peleton rides into Paris.  For fans looking to bet on Tour racing this is a very exciting development. 

For once the Tour de France betting could go down to the wire, as it should, and no rider will win the competition by concession, but instead have to earn it.  That may go against the spirit of the Tour de France betting tradition, but it will all but certainly make for more exciting racing. 

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