Tour de France Betting at SBG Global: A French or European Advantage

November 30th, 2010 Cycling Betting

Tour de France betting enthusiasts must consider a wide range of online betting factors before they bet on Tour de France odds.

Some Tour de France betting fans feel as though French riders, in particular, and European riders, to a lesser extent, have an advantage in the race because they are closer to home. Nevertheless, the reality is that there is little evidence that such an advantage exists so it is not a factor sports betting fans should consider as they bet on Tour de France odds.

Tour de France betting obviously involves a race that takes place primarily in France, although the race generally passes through several other countries. In fact, 2009 Tour de France betting will involve a course that enters five additional countries: Monaco, Spain, Andorra, Switzerland, and Italy. Online sportsbook bettors know that home field and home court advantage are significant online sports betting factors to consider in most sports, so it seems rational to believe that Frenchmen and other Europeans may enjoy a small advantage that must be accounted for when sportsbook gamblers bet on Tour de France odds. Nevertheless, Tour de France betting fans must realize that wagering on each sport is different, so the factors influencing betting on other athletic events do not necessarily apply to Tour de France betting.

The reality is that Tour de France betting should not involve a focus on each rider’s home country. Tour de France betting veterans know that the results from past races indicate that French and European riders do not enjoy any great advantage. For example, Tour de France betting veterans will remember that the 2008 event had a Spaniard finish in first place (Carlos Sastre), an Australian in second (Cadel Evans), an Austrian in third (Bernhard Kohl), a Russian in fourth (Denis Menchov), and an American in fifth (Christian Vandevelde). It is clear that European riders tend to perform well in the race, but that is simply a result of the fact that most of the top riders in the world come from Europe. Also, Tour de France betting fans should realize that cyclists become accustomed to racing in Europe because all three of the major events are held there. Consequently, despite the favoritism that many of the fans will display toward French or European riders, Tour de France betting enthusiasts should not concern themselves with this issue when they look to bet on Tour de France odds offered by sports book sites. In the end, the riders all have to climb the same hills and race the same roads, so Tour de France betting enthusiasts should focus on the riders’ ability to handle such challenges, not their countries of origin.

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