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September 28th, 2017 Cycling

As with any of the Grand Tour cycling odds events the course for the Vuelta a España odds will showcase some of the most beautiful scenery that Spain, the host country, has to offer.

Just as the Tour de France wonders through the heart of the French countryside offering glimpse of the old world beauty, so to will Vuelta a España odds fans be treated some breathtaking scenery. But don’t let the pleasant views fool you as the layout for the Vuelta a España odds in 2008 will be the most difficult in cycling odds this year.

This year’s Vuelta a España will start off in the ancient Moorish capital of Granada in the south of Spain. This arid region will kick off the Vuelta a España odds battle with a time trial that will quickly give way to a grueling battle through the country’s Sierra Nevada peaks. And that, as any cycling odds fan can tell you, is the true essence of the Vuelta a España odds. From there the Vuelta a España odds head northward and the vertical challenges only get stronger.

After passing through the mountainous city of Cordoba, which provides some of the best scenery and most challenging climbing in the Vuelta a España odds the race heads toward the center of Spain and the ancient city of Toledo. From their cycling odds fans follow the Vuelta a España odds battle to the grueling Pyrenees mountains. The same Pyrenees that are featured in the Tour de France but the Vuelta a España odds version is even more grueling.

But the Pyrenees are hardly the most difficult climb in this year’s Vuelta a España odds. That monster climb happens about three-quarters of the way through the Vuelta a España odds when the race passes through the northern region of Asturias. A breathtaking wilderness area the region also is home to the most grueling climb in the Vuelta a España odds -f not all of cycling.

The Vuelta a España finally meanders its way to the capitol city of Madrid for what should be a spectacular conclusion to the 2008 Vuelta a España odds competition.

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