Long and storied past of Cricket betting at SBG Global

November 30th, 2010 Cricket Betting Odds

Cricket betting has been around for ages. Its history goes back much farther than many in the age of cricket betting online community might know.

With an over 500 years of history, cricket betting has gone through all kinds of transitions and changes in the past. Cricket betting fans with some knowledge of the sport before cricket betting online came to certainly understand the great tradition involved in cricket betting. It is a unique sport in many ways but especially so considering that no popular global sport enjoys such a long and storied past, and it’s a pity that more cricket betting fans are more familiar with the rich history of cricket betting.

Before the idea of cricket betting online was even considered in anyone’s mind the people were already playing the sport. The common though among the cricket betting community is that the game can be traced back to at least the early 1500s when children in the Weald area between Sussex and Kent devised the game that would lead to cricket betting in the mid-evil ages. But some in the cricket betting community believe the game dates back even further, to the 1300s, for which there is written evidence that a game similar to cricket was begin played in Kent. No one knows for sure just how far cricket betting dates back, but be sure, it history is very long.

Cricket betting online fans may or may not be aware, but the first definite mention of the game dates back to a court case in 1550 that dealt with the great game. And you can be sure the cricket betting was every bit as important as the game itself. In fact, as far back as late 1600s there were professional players and high stakes cricket betting is referenced in the written historical record.

The game has seen a great transition since then to reach the modern heights of cricket betting online, but someday, in the not too distant future cricket betting fans may look back on the birth of the cricket betting on the Internet as one of the great moments in the history of the game.

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