Dismissals in online cricket betting at SBG Global

November 30th, 2010 Cricket Betting Odds

Online cricket betting may be a popular sport, but there are still a great number of non-betting cricket sports fans that doesn’t understand the game.

After all, online cricket betting is a bit complicated in terms of the rules involved and often people watching betting cricket matches for the first time aren’t quite sure what’s going on. But one of the most important and basic things to learn about online cricket betting is that there are ten ways for a batsman to be dismissed.

Online cricket betting fans have long been avid ambassadors for their sport and one of the most common misconceptions is that there is somehow three outs, the same as baseball. While this assumption is grossly incorrect, batters are dismissed in betting cricket but for different reasons. And whereas in baseball there are nine plus innings, in online cricket betting there is either one or two innings depending on the type of betting cricket match it is.

Also, many casual fans that draw these wrong assumptions about online cricket betting based on their knowledge of baseball don’t realize that there are actually ten different ways that a batsman can be dismissed (the equivalent of an out). One of the most commons ways for a batsman to be dismissed in online cricket betting is for a fielder to catch the ball once the batsman strikes it, essentially the same as a baseball fielder catching a fly ball. Another common way that batsman are dismissed is if the bowled ball strikes the wicket and knocks down any of the two bails.

And of course every online cricket betting fan knows that ‘the leg before cricket’ rule can also get a batsman dismissed. This occurs when the bowled ball strikes the batsman’s body and would have otherwise struck the online cricket betting wickets. There are seven other forms of dismissal in online cricket betting but there are not nearly as common as the dismissals just mentioned. This is just a small part of the online cricket betting, but it always helps to know as much as possible when it comes to betting cricket.

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