India and Pakistan Hoping To Bring Back Test Cricket Rivalry

January 2nd, 2020 Cricket

The rivalry between India and Pakistan in test cricket matches has been very intense and strong. However, there have been many serious quarrels between the two countries that have made it to where they have not been able to face each other in cricket in recent time. Some efforts have been made with the intention of trying to start up another test cricket series between the two countries.

The cricket boards of both countries have been meeting with each other with the hopes of resuming their series of test cricket games against one another. However, this does not mean that every place in the world is willing to host such events.

In particular, the BJP in India has expressed its opposition of a new series between the two sides in Lok Sabha. This opposition has come about primarily as a response to Pakistan’s role in a terror attack in Mumbai years ago. The BJP has also stated that Pakistan has been offering shelter to many known terrorists within the region.

There have also been concerns about places wanting to host Pakistan ever since 2009. That was the year when a terror group housed in Pakistan bombed a bus operated by the Sri Lanka national cricket team.

However, there have been attempts to try and get the test cricket series back, albeit with a host from outside the two countries. In particular, the United Arab Emirates have been trying to get a neutral-site test cricket series going between the two sides. There is even a venue in Abu Dhabi that has become available for use in the event that the two sides agree to meet each other at any point in the future.

Whether or not India and Pakistan will continue their ongoing test cricket rivalry is unclear. Both sides want to continue and some places are trying to help. However, Pakistan has been shunned by many parts of the global community and has been struggling to be accepted due to its terror-related ties.

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