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November 30th, 2010 Cricket Betting Odds

Cricket online betting fans need only reference the ICC rankings to see where teams are located in the world betting cricket odds rankings.

There is little doubt in the international cricket online betting community that Australia is the top team in the world right now as the two time defending World Cup winner. However, after the top spot there seems to be quite a great deal of confusion among the cricket online betting body as to where teams are ranked. Cricket online betting fans can endlessly debate which team is the second best in the world, but in every single type of ranking, and especially in the highly influential ICC rankings, the Aussies grade out on top.

After winning the cricket online betting World Cup in 2003 they entered the 2007 tournament heavy favorites and easily won their seconds straight cup as all the betting cricket odds experts expected. Cricket online betting enthusiasts are in unanimous agreement that the Aussies rule. But in the two spot there is some debate as to which cricket online betting team deserves to have the world number two ranking in the betting cricket odds. According to the ICC’s ranking released at the end of last year England the second best on the cricket online betting scene.

For the most part the other reputable world ranking body’s also place that team at number two in the betting cricket odds. However, there are several ratings bodies that place South Africa and India as the number two cricket online betting team in the world. Following in the cricket online betting rankings are Sri Lanka, Pakistan and New Zealand. Although ordering varies from ratings body to ratings body, according to the ICC that’s how the cricket online world rankings stack up.

And then of course, at the bottom of the cricket online betting pile, as usual, is the West Indies at nine and the simply awful Bangladeshi’s at the ten spot with an ICC cricket online betting ranking of just four points! Granted the Bangladesh has been accredited as test team for only a few years, but there is little doubt among the cricket online betting community that this team must improve or face becoming the first team to be relegated from test cricket.

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