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November 30th, 2010 Cricket Betting Odds

Cricket betting is a great betting sport; yet, many fans have no idea of how to go about betting on cricket odds and cricket betting in general.

But cricket is hardly a difficult sport to understand and once the basics are covered most sports betting fans can be engaged in cricket betting quite quickly. Cricket betting has long been popular in the UK and the broad swatch of commonwealth countries. However, outside of these geographies the world of sports fans is not all that familiar with cricket betting and cricket odds; which is to be expected as many people are unfamiliar with sports that are foreign to their region.

However, cricket, and cricket betting, is a sport with very broad appeal and now that cricket odds are so readily available on line, cricket betting is poised to explode. However, in all fairness, it’s not as if cricket betting is some isolated sports phenomenon. In reality, cricket betting has huge followings all over the globe and cricket odds are sought out in nearly every part of the globe. As previously mentioned, the UK is obviously a hot bed of cricket betting activity and one of the leading consumers of cricket odds. After all, this is the birth place of cricket betting and the game remains wildly popular.

However, some sports fan might be curious to learn that the biggest market for cricket odds and the world’s largest center of cricket betting is actually in Pakistan and India. In these countries cricket is a religion the mass of fans and cricket betting fans follow it passionately. In fact, cricket disputes have nearly led to war on more than one occasion and its little surprise that largest number of cricket betting enthusiasts in the world can be found here.

But central Asia is hardly the only place where cricket betting is held in high esteem and there are any number of countries around the world where hot bed of cricket odds can be found. Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Caribbean, in fact, about the only places that cricket betting is big is North and South America.

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