2018 ICC World Cricket League Division Four Odds Cricket Betting

2018 ICC World Cricket League Division Four Odds Cricket Betting

October 29th, 2018 Cricket

A total of six teams qualified for the 2018 ICC World Cricket League Division Four tournament.  Action will be hot and heavy for Odds Cricket Betting fans.  With a round robin and knockout format this tourney should bring unrivaled excitement and drama.  Betting values are likely to emerge as well.  Uganda, Malaysia, Denmark, Bermuda, Jersey and Vanuatu are the set of six.  Malaysia is the host team for Division Four.  Games will run from April 28 through May 5.

2018 ICC World Cricket League Division Four

Date and Time:  April 28 through May 5, 2018

Location: Malaysia

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Jersey may get action for Odds Cricket Betting.  As the first-place team in 2017 from Division Five they bring some cache.  Currently Jersey is ranked 29th in the world by the ICC.  Among European non-test teams, they rank sixth.  Charles Perchard was named team captain in September 2017.  Aged 25 he is a right-handed batsman.  Head coach Neil MacRae assumed duties on May 3, 2015.  MacRae is also a high-performance coach with the Jersey Cricket Board.


Uganda was relegated after a 2017 fifth place finish in Division three.  Relegation for the second time in three years does not garner respect with gamblers.  Peter Kirsten has served as head coach since August 2014.  Distinguished with a long career the 62-year-old mentor is a native of South Africa.  Notable is his playing career that spanned from 1973-97.  Rugby was another sport in which Kirsten competed in.


Malaysia has had mixed Online sportsbook success since becoming an associate member of the ICC in 1967.  Most noteworthy was their 2017 gold medal in the Men’s 50 overs tournament.  Bilal Asad is their head coach.  Hailing from Pakistan he was a cricketer for their national team.  Team captain Ahmed Faiz is 30 years of age.  Faiz played an important role in Malaysia’s gold medal win against Singapore.  Relegation has been avoided by Malaysia since 2012.


Slumping badly in recent years has been Denmark.  Failure to qualify in 2014 and 2018 for the ICC World Cup Qualifier has damaged their brand.  Jeremy Bray is a respected head coach.  He had a distinguished and long-playing career in both Australia and Ireland.  Immediately after retiring as a player he turned to coaching.


Bermuda is another team that has been fighting off relegation.  Much to their credit they climbed out in 2016.  Clay Smith brings plenty of passion and history as head coach.  Having played for Bermuda for 17 years he knows the lay of the land.  Named coach in 2016 he commands respect.


Vanuatu may quietly generate a lot of betting enthusiasm.  Champions of the Pacific Games in 2015 they have shown rapid improvement.  Bragging rights also go to Vanuatu for their 2017 second place finish in Division Five of the WCC.  A big reason for Vanuatu’s success is head coach Shane Deitz.  Having taken over in 2014 his impact has been tremendous.

Team to Watch

This up and coming Vanuatu team could be a sleeper for Odds Cricket Betting.  Momentum has been with them.  Deitz has proven to be a most capable coach.

Cricket Odds Picks

Division wide this is not the greatest group of teams.  None of the six stand out as dominant or sure things.

Cricket Odds Betting Online Pick: Vanuatu

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