Canadian Football in 2019 - Betting analysis and preview

Betting on Canadian Football in 2019

January 3rd, 2019 CFL Football, Sportsbook

At the beginning of any discussion of CFL betting is the image of high scoring offenses and the three down rule difference.  Since its inception in 1958 the Canadian Football League has entertained football fans with its very unique brand and culture.  Concurrently the major league of Canadian football is comprised of a total of nine franchises and two divisions.  The season is comprised of 21 weeks and runs from mid-June through early November.  Each of the teams will play an 18-game schedule with three bye weeks.  The Calgary Stampeders are the current champions.  Calgary now has eight titles.

American Football vs. Canadian Football

Comparable to American football the one big difference in the Canadian Football League is downs.  The CFL has three downs per possession compared to four in the National Football League.  Additionally, the Canadian Football League field is 65 yards wide compared to 53 and a third yards in the NFL.  For that reason, the CFL is more conducive to smaller quicker players that could not play as effectively in the NFL.  Many American quarterbacks that starred in college will end up in the CFL due to these differences.  Yet another difference in the CFL is 12 players on the field.

Naturally with the wider field, three downs, and 12-man lineups strategy is different.  Additionally, this makes for unique CFL betting factors that handicappers must consider.  That being said the ultimate quest of a gambler with Canadian Football is finding value.  Regardless of rules this is the main challenge of anyone taking up CFL gambling.

At the beginning gamblers should get to know the teams of the CFL.  In the East Division there are a total of four teams.  The Hamilton Tiger Cats, Montreal Alouettes, Ottawa Redblacks, and Toronto Argonauts comprise the East.  Balanced against that is the West Division and its five teams.  The BC Lions, Calgary Stampeders, Edmonton Eskimos, Saskatchewan Roughriders, and Winnipeg Blue Bombers make the Western lineup.

2019 Canadian Football season

Canadian Football League sportsbook action will begin on June 13, 2019 with the regular season opener.  Correspondingly the regular season will end on November 2, 2019.  Above all the 107th Grey Cup championship game will take place on November 24, 2019.  The Grey Cup title matchup will be hosted in Calgary.

Among the changes that sets the Canadian Football League apart is the Football Operations Cap.  In turn this is an effort by the CFL to contain costs and maintain completive balance.  More emphatically this is in line with the player salary cap.  Consequently, this has helped make the CFL much more competitive in recent years.  To illuminate the last four seasons have produced four different champions.

It is true that CFL Betting has never been easier to take part in and follow.  Access to games can be found both online and on cable television.  More emphatically information has never been more plentiful online.  In the same way the CFL website and many independent sites give Canadian Football full coverage.  Subsequently handicappers can gain plenty of information to make responsible bets.

While Canadian Football is different from the NFL the fact remains that there are some important similarities.  Despite the fact that there are differences the fact remains handicapping factors are similar.  Great players with great coaches make for great teams.  Of little difference to all sports is the need to gain true betting value.

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