Breeders’ Cup World Championships Winners, Past Performances and History

January 25th, 2018 Breeders Cup Wagering

Breeders Cup history goes all the way back to 1982 as the Breeders Cup was introduced as a way for horse racing to have a huge day with a series of championship races.

Horse racing betting is very exciting and a great way to enjoy online gambling.  It is definitely more enjoyable though when you win, so what can you do to improve your horse handicapping?  The first thing to remember when you begin your horse racing handicapping is to remain disciplined.

It is very easy to get carried away when looking at horse racing tips.  It is even easier when you do your horse race handicapping online.  The computer and the Internet are fantastic tools for horse racing handicapping, but they can also be dangerous if not used properly. The ease in which you can make your horse wagers on the computer can lead you to be reckless and careless with your horseracing wagers. Remember, you have to stay disciplined when considering a horse racing tip. For example, if you are having a tough day in your horse racing handicapping, don’t overreact and bet things you wouldn’t normally bet, just because it is easy to log on and place your horse race wagers.  You still want to remain focused in horse racing handicapping and stick to your plan.

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Decide, in advance, the amount of your wagers, place your bets early, and don’t get carried away looking at horse racing tips.  If you are one of the many people that like betting and thoroughbred handicapping you will run into one thing that can hurt you a little bit and that is the problem of playing too many racetracks.  Usually just playing one track is not enough action for the everyday horse bettor or horse handicapping player.  Multiple tracks are the way that many horse racing handicapping players like to play.  The problem with betting multiple horse tracks is that if things start going bad your money can go really fast.  If you want to play multiple tracks remember to have a bankroll large enough to handle all the increased action in horse race handicapping.

It seems everyone has a different horse racing tip for betting horses.  The type of horse handicapping strategy that works best for you may not be the best one for someone else. The best horse race handicapping strategy for you must be tested by you over time to see if it really works for you.  Just because someone has a horse racing handicapping strategy doesn’t mean it works over time and it doesn’t mean it will work for your horse betting. As you look at horse handicapping strategy the first question to ask is what type of bettor are you?  If you are a very casual bettor who does not frequently bet on races and tends to visit or watch races just once in a while, you may not even need much of a thoroughbred handicapping strategy.  You may do just as well for a day or so picking favorites, or the name of a horse or looking at other horse racing tips.  If you are serious horse racing handicapping player then you will need to do more than just pick out your favorite number.

Let’s say you are a horse racing handicapping player that just wants to enjoy the races without worrying too much about winning money.  You should stick to the simple bets and place small wagers and avoid other horse racing tips. Try some across the board bets and maybe even try a pick three, pick 4 or even try a superfecta in your horse racing handicapping. If you are a horse betting player that plays the horses more than just once in a while you need something more than just other horse betting tips.  There are many factors to successful thoroughbred handicapping.  The first one is finding value.  There is no two ways around it in thoroughbred handicapping.  The track edge is tough to overcome without finding serious value.  That usually means the exotic bets or longshots in thoroughbred handicapping. You need to play pick three’s, pick four’s and even pick sixes when you can.  You must also be prepared to stick with your horse racing tips and betting system no matter what the public is doing with their horse racing betting tips.

If you want to win betting thoroughbred handicapping tips then you need to have some of the same qualities as in other forms of betting.  You need knowledge, money management and above all, discipline.  You will have losing days at the racetrack following thoroughbred handicapping tips.  You will suffer tough losses and bad beats following other horse racing tips.  You still must be able to put them behind you and come back firing the next day.  That also means you need to have the proper horse betting bankroll so you can recover from the occasional bad day and the occasional bad horse racing tip.

As you look for a horse racing betting tip you can begin your handicapping by looking at the Daily Racing Form. These forms are available at the track, at newsstands, and you can also get them online.  As you look at the horse race statistics start by looking at the trainer and jockey. You can easily pick up on trainer and jockey percentages for a good horse racing betting tip. You should also look at the past performances of the horses but only from the past few races: the horse racing tips provide some advice but it is necessary some research of previous races for the best strategy.  Don’t go back any farther because current form is what is most important in horse racing tips for betting. You can look at the finishing position and the speed figures of each horse as a horse racing tip. The speed figures are listed in the racing form and are based on how the horse did in his last race.  Many people look at the speed figures of the last three races as a horse racing betting tip. You should also look at horses suited for a particular course or a particular surface. Some horses run better on grass than they do on dirt and some horses are suited to dirt.  You also have horses that are much better suited to run at a certain distance.  This is a very important part of horse racing handicapping and part of good thoroughbred handicapping tips.

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