Breeders Cup Wagering Races on Saturday

November 30th, 2010 Breeders Cup Betting

Breeders Cup wagering can be neatly divided into two compartments: Breeders Cup online wagering on Friday and on Saturday.

But more than just the separation by day, the biggest distinction in the Breeders Cup wagering is that the ladies race on Friday and the males take over on Saturday. After a great day of Breeders Cup wagering on Friday to open things up, fans can anticipate a massive finish with the Breeders Cup Classic on Saturday, ending the Breeders Cup wagering with a bang.

Breeders Cup wagering on Saturday boasts a very tight schedule of nine races of all ages, and sizes from all parts of the world. Judging by the amount of Breeders Cup online wagering, it’s probably the greatest day of horseracing in the world. The day of Breeders Cup wagering kicks off this year with a new event called the Marathon. A new challenge for Breeders Cup online wagering fans to contemplate, it’s a mile and a half long and open to horses three-years old and up. One thing is certain; it should be a tremendous Breeders Cup wagering opportunity.

Next is a series of three $1 million races for juveniles, including two standard races on turf, a mile in the dirt, and one turf sprint. For most race days that would be a full menu, but for Breeders Cup online wagering that’s simply setting the stage for the next event. After the juveniles run, the purse gets bumped up to $2 million a race and things start to get more interesting for the Breeders Cup wagering fans.

The $2 million purse races are all for aged thoroughbreds. In these races, the top horses in the world will be on display for the Breeders Cup wagering fans to bet on. It is all but impossible to qualify for the Breeders Cup wagering events. If a horse makes it to any of these races, it truly is the best. But when you jump up to the $3 million Turf and $5 million Classic races in the Breeders Cup wagering, you’re talking about the best horses on the planet.

The field in the $3 million turf race is better than at nearly any other race in the world, but it’s just a warm up for the event. The Classic is not only one of the richest races in the sport, but boasts the most competitive fielding any race anywhere on the planet.

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