Breeders Cup Wagering Gets Big

November 30th, 2010 Breeders Cup Betting

The horse racing season has been in full swing for many months but many of the sports faithful have been waiting patiently for the Breeders Cup betting to roll around.

Perhaps the biggest horse racing event in the world, it would be all but impossible to find a more compelling competition in the sport of kings
than the Breeders Cup wageringevent.

Breeders Cup wagering is still, despite the high level of competition and the universal appeal of the event, somewhat in the shadows of the sport relative to other big events in horse racing. For example the most well known horse race in all of sports is the Kentucky Derby, despite the fact, that in terms of competition, the Breeders Cup betting is far superior. Every trainer and horse owner would love to run in the Kentucky Derby, but they would kill to run in the Breeders Cup wagering events. And given an opportunity to run in the Belmont or the Preakness versus the Breeders Cup wagering, any horse owner would chose the Breeders Cup betting venue.

The reason is simple and it has much to do with the prestige of the Breeders Cup wagering event. Within the world of horse racing itself there is no more prestigious event than the Breeders Cup wagering event. The Kentucky Derby or other Triple Crown legs may receive more air time in the media, but among horse people the Breeders Cup wagering is as big as it gets. And that of course is because of the money, as with any sport money rules the day and the Breeders Cup wagering race offers one of the largest purses in the world.

The enormous purse spread over two days of Breeders Cup betting attracts the top horses from around the world and as such Breeders Cup wagering fans are ensured the best competition that they will see all year long. In fact, the only event that offers a larger purse than the Breeders Cup wagering event is an event in Dubai that receives much less media coverage than the Breeders Cup wagering. And due to it’s out of the way location many American horses often skip the event despite the large purse. But Breeders Cup wagering fans can be sure that none of the top horses will skip out on the upcoming Breeders Cup wagering event.

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