Breeders Cup Wagering at Santa Anita Park

November 30th, 2010 Breeders Cup Betting

Breeders Cup wagering fans have seen many things in the twenty-four year history of the event.

This year, in what many Breeders Cup online wagering experts are calling one of the most exciting Breeders Cup wagering events, the stakes will be raised a notch. Not just because the competition will be as good as ever, and the purses will be as large as ever, but because the great Santa Anita Park will host the event in 2008.

Breeders Cup wagering fans are well acquainted with Santa Anita, as is any horse racing fan. Santa Anita is a mecca of horse racing and there is hardly a better location imaginable than this track to host such a special event. This marquee and Breeders Cup wagering actually have a long history together, perhaps more so than any other track in the sport (next to Churchill Downs and Belmont Park).

Fans of Breeders Cup online wagering surely recognize Santa Anita as the home to not one, but multiple past Breeders Cup wagering events. The first time that the Breeders Cup wagering event was held in Santa Anita was in 1986.

Two years after the inaugural event the Breeders Cup wagering event had developed a reputation as one of the biggest races in the world and was invited to Santa Anita. The first event was so successful and so productive that the two paired again seven years later.

In 1993, the dawn of the Internet age, the Breeders Cup wagering event was once again held at Santa Anita as the age of Breeders Cup online wagering was just coming onto the scene. After the second event held at Santa Anita, it would be another decade before this duo hooked up again. But in 2003 as the public seemed to demand it, the Breeders Cup wagering event was held once again at the Southern California jewel.

It’s been five years the last time that the Breeders Cup wagering has been held at Santa Anita and for many horse racing aficionados that has been too long. The next time Breeders Cup online wagering comes to Santa Anita won’t be so distant. In 2009 the Breeders Cup will once again be held here and, with any luck, it will be even more extraordinary than this year’s Breeders Cup wagering.

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