Breeders Cup Racing Odds Favorites in the Turf Race

November 30th, 2010 Breeders Cup Betting

Breeders Cup racing odds cover a whole gambit of races. This year’s edition of the Breeders Cup horse racing will feature a whopping 14 races.

Of these 14 races that will be featured in the Breeders Cup racing odds, there are two that stand above the rest in terms of appeal to Breeders Cup horse racing fans: the Classic and the Turf race.

Breeders Cup racing odds makers put extra care into these two races as they are the featured events in this racing spectacle. The Classic is the top race, but the Turf race is one of the best you’ll see anywhere in the world and Breeders Cup racing odds fans often overlook this gem.  

This year there are a number of top horses running in this Breeders Cup racing odds event and it should make for great sport. While the field is still far from settled, there are several horses that have jumped out early and grabbed the attention of Breeders Cup horse racing fans.

The Duke of Marmalade is one such horse that many Breeders Cup racing odds makers think could run away with the turf race. This European born three-year old is by far the most dominant horse in this class of Breeders Cup racing odds. Perfect through five starts, the Duke has blown away his competition including New Approach, a horse which was supposed to be his stiffest competition. If he runs the way many Breeders Cup horse racing experts expect him to, this race could be over before it even begins.

If Archipenko, another European horse, stays in the US to run, Breeders Cup racing odds show he could be the favorite challenger for the Duke. He’s had a few starts in the US and has run very well, despite some bad luck. A very fast horse, Archipenko could find himself the winner of the Breeders Cup racing odds, with a little good fortune.

A third horse with a decent shot of taking the Breeders Cup racing odds is Spring House. This steed might seem ancient amongst three-year olds, but he has run very well at Santa Anita in the past and that experience might be enough to get him over the hump in this year’s race. Other horses to watch include Red Rocks and Soldier of Fortune, which, if they run, should provide some very good Breeders Cup racing odds.

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