Breeders Cup Racing Odds Favorites in the Classic

November 30th, 2010 Breeders Cup Betting

Breeders Cup racing odds are the most important odds of the season. Horse racing fans have been salivating over the prospects of Breeders Cup horse racing since day one of the 2008 season.

And now that the Breeders Cup is just around the corner, fans are starting to take hard notice of the early Breeders Cup racing odds starting to trickle in, especially for the Classic.

Breeders Cup racing odds are in high demand no matter which one of the 14 events is being covered. But as even the casual Breeders Cup racing odds fan knows, the culmination of the two-day racing fest is the Classic. This year the Classic could be the most memorable in years, if the cards line up, and you can be sure that the Breeders Cup racing odds makers will have their hands full.

The number one favorite, according to almost every forum, is Big Brown. Most Breeders Cup racing odds makers have him listed as a near a sure thing. Big Brown has won three Grade 1 races this year including the first two legs of the Triple Crown and has won five of six starts heading into the Breeders Cup racing odds competition. He will be a tough horse to beat and Breeders Cup horse racing fans would love to see some redemption after Belmont.

Among the horses that have previously committed to running the Breeders Cup Classic is Go Between. A five-year-old coming off a win at Del Mar, many Breeders Cup racing odds makers think this horse has finally come on. He’s ran well in the past at Santa Anita with two second-place finishes and is generally picked as the number two or three horse in the Breeders Cup racing odds.

Henrythenavigator has gotten a lot of press in Europe and the US in the run up to the Breeders Cup horse racing and he’ll figure to be among the top three horses in the final Breeders Cup racing odds. He’ll most likely run the Classic, and Breeders Cup horse racing fans are dying to get a chance to watch him against the top competition in the US.

Breeders Cup racing odds makers are also very fond of Colonel John who already has a win at Santa Anita. All of these horses have the potential to win the Breeders Cup Classic. Chances are, one of them will.

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