Breeders Cup Racing Odds for the Classic Shaken Up

November 30th, 2010 Breeders Cup Betting

Breeders Cup racing odds have been up and down since spring and have been a guessing game for Breeders Cup racing fans ever since.

But speculation has just lost one of its key figures as Big Brown unexpectedly retired from the Breeders Cup racing odds competition and horse racing forever. Now that he’s out the race become a two horse battle between the reigning Horse of the Year –who also won the Breeders Cup racing odds Classic in 2007- and Henrythenavigator.

Breeders Cup racing odds makers and fans had been looking forward to what was shaping up to be one of the most exciting Breeders Cup horse racing finales in years. The Classic was expected to feature these three top horses and give a shot in the arm to Breeders Cup racing odds but to sport in general. It would have had an enormous impact on horse racing but now sadly, the Breeders Cup horse racing classic has lost one of the favorites.

Even worse for the Breeders Cup racing odds is the fact that the Classic could also lose another one of the key horses thought to be in the mix for the grand finale of the Breeders Cup horse racing. Henrythenagivator has yet to be confirmed for the Breeders Cup racing odds for the Mile or the Breeders Cup racing odds for the Classic. After a disappointing last race where he finished fifth many Breeders Cup racing odds experts are expecting him to run in the mile instead. He runs grass much better than the synthetic track at Santa Anita and it seemed probable that the Mile was his likely race in the Breeders Cup racing odds.

But Big Brown’s injury changes everything and it seems more likely now that he will in fact run in the Breeders Cup racing odds Classic race against Curlin. Curlin will enter the race as the slim favorite over the European based horse with most Breeders Cup racing odds giving Curlin 7-2 odds with the race still two weeks out. Henrythenavigator is listed at 5-1 by many Breeders Cup racing odds should he chose to run in the Classic.

The race of the year has turned into what is perhaps the let down of the year. But Breeders Cup racing odds shouldn’t be so quick to make a judgment on the race. Curlin is a fine horse but there are some great long shot rides as well such as Commentator and Go Between, both capable of shaking things up and beating out the Breeders Cup racing odds field in the Classic.

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