Breeders Cup Racing Odds and Big Brown

November 30th, 2010 Breeders Cup Betting

Breeders Cup racing odds have been scrambled and a race once thought to be once of the best in years will now be without one of it’s main draws.

Big Brown suffered a horrific injury in training and will no longer be participating in the upcoming Breeders Cup horse racing, or any horse racing for that matter. The enigmatic and injury riddled horse has been retired from competition indefinitely just weeks before the Breeders Cup racing odds action is set to go down.

Breeders Cup racing odds have suffered a huge blow with this news, but it hardly compares to the agony and devastation suffered by this animal. Banged up with hoof injuries for most of the summer his schedule had been cut back after his disappointing finish in the Triple Crown chase, in the hopes of being in peak condition for the Breeders Cup racing odds. And according to his trainers he was in top form for the Breeders Cup horse racing until the tragedy occurred.

Working out with Breeders Cup racing odds defending mile champ Kip Deville he made a terrific move but severely injured his foot. According to the horse’s part owner, the bulb of the horse’s hoof came loose and “half the foot was torn off.” It’s painful just imagining what the injury was like and certainly ends any chance of the fantastic horse running in the Breeders Cup racing odds.

It’s yet another terrible injury to happen to a horse in the past year or two and puts a dark cloud over the Breeders Cup racing odds competition. Breeders Cup horse racing will go on of course but this gruesome injury will raise another round of questions regarding the care of these beautiful animals. It will do nothing to bolster the image of the horse’s trainer either who is already under suspicion for admitting to administering steroids to his horses.

From a Breeders Cup racing odds fans point of view not only is the injury devastating for the horse, but the main event in the Breeders Cup horse racing this year simply wont be the same without Big Brown. The main battle in the Breeders Cup racing odds for the Classic is now a two horse battle between Curlin and Henrythenavigator. And even that race could come undone as Henrythenavigator has yet to confirm whether he’ll run in the Classic of the Breeders Cup racing odds for the Mile race.

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