Breeders Cup Betting Overview

November 30th, 2010 Breeders Cup Betting

Breeders Cup betting fans get to witness one of the most impressive spectacles in horse racing.

Thousands of horseracing events are held every year, but for some reason a Breeders Cup bet always seems to distinguish itself above its field of competitors. There are several reasons that all culminate to make the Breeders Cup betting experience the best in horse racing.

Breeders Cup betting holds a major appeal to almost every horse racing enthusiast. The main reason for this, above many other reasons to make a Breeders Cup bet, is most likely the variety that the Breeders Cup betting environment provides. The Breeders Cup betting event is not simply one race or a handful of heats but a complete two-day smorgasbord of the best that horseracing has to offer. In fact, there is more variety and more top-tier competition in terms of horses and trainers than at any other horse racing event in the world.

In 2007 the rules changed so that the Breeders Cup betting would be extended to a two-day event, rather than the traditional one day event that the Breeders Cup betting had always been in the past. The problem was that there were simply too many great horses and too much money at stake not to leave it as a one day event. The debut of such a schedule was an undeniable success and anyone that made a Breeders Cup bet last year will certainly be back for more this year.

But it’s not simply that there are many races to witness during the Breeders Cup betting experience (which there are), but it’s that these races are all run on a variety of surfaces and with various stakes. For example the races in the Breeders Cup betting are run on turf, dirt and in all weather. In addition there are various races based on age and weight as well. This means that the Breeders Cup bet action is spread across many different variables and there is certainly something here for almost any racing taste imaginable.

As if that weren’t enough to pique the interest of Breeders Cup betting fans and trainers alike, the purses range between $500,000 and $5 million per race. While not the richest event in horse racing, the Breeders Cup betting purse is still among the two largest in the sport and this helps ensure top quality.

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