Racebook Odds: Breeders Cup Betting Reaches New Heights

Breeders Cup Betting Reaches New Heights

At the beginning of the Breeders Cup in 1984 there were plenty of doubts about its potential for success.  After 35 years the Breeders Cup has clearly become a prestigious American tradition that now rivals the Triple Crown races for popularity and prestige.  In fact, Breeders Cup betting action is among the heaviest and most popular of any sporting event on the calendar.  Breeders Cup weekend runs each November with races on both Friday and Saturday.  Santa Anita Park will host the 2019 Breeders Cup on November 1-2.

All Categories Covered

A clear difference can easily be detected when it comes to Breeders Cup betting.Especially evident is that the Breeders Cup covers every type of category for horse racing.  Juvenile races set apart future Triple Crown contenders.  Turf and dirt horses each get their shot at Breeders Cup glory.  Fillies and Mares have their own special events.  Additionally, sprinters get a run with the 5.5-furlong Turf Sprint.  On the whole all of the events serve to build the anticipation for the biggest race of the year.

Greatest Horses of all Time

The Breeders Cup classic is open to the greatest horses of all time.  Regardless of age, the Classic comes down to past champions from all over the world.  Increasingly the Classic has come to rival the Kentucky Derby as the most coveted and anticipated race of the year.  As a matter of fact, the Breeders Cup Classic now serves as the definitive year ending event to crown the champion of champions in horse racing.

Major Sportsbook Success

Initially it was not obvious that the Breeders Cup would become a major sportsbook success.  Accordingly, media coverage made this event a destination for the casual betting public.  In comparison, only the Triple Crown races could match the popularity and betting action of the Breeders Cup.  Hype and overlays are always a concern when factoring a race in the Breeders Cup.  Initially, Triple Crown winning horses are going to draw plenty of coverage and betting action.  Especially if the horse is a rare Triple Crown winner.

Churchill Downs

At first another aspect of Breeders Cup Betting is the venue itself.  Last year Churchill Downs was the host track and is always a popular destination.  Louisville, Kentucky is a capital city of sorts for horse racing and Churchill Downs is the most iconic venue in the sport.  However, Santa Anita Park is also held in high regard and the dependable Southern California weather will add appeal.

Breeders Cup Classic

Certainly, the Breeders Cup Classic is the biggest draw of the Breeders Cup every year.  It is the final race of the Saturday afternoon program and is worth a staggering $6 million.  Not withstanding its status, the Breeders Cup Classic also serves as something of a fantasy race.  In view of the best horses from different years all competing it makes for a race of unrivaled quality and intrigue.

Standard and Exotic Wagering

Betting options for the Breeders Cup include standard and exotic wagering.  Also, on the card are some of the best props that can be found in any sport.  Simultaneously you can get Breeders Cup futures in the months leading up to the event.  In fact, futures wagering will become much more competitive over the summer after the Triple Crown season sorts itself out. Counter to its risky beginnings the Breeders Cup has become a regular part of the American Sports Scene. ON the next occasion be sure to take part in an American gambling classic!

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