Breeders Cup Betting Fans Look Ahead To Euro-US Battle

Breeders Cup betting hardly needs any storylines to beef up its appeal among racing enthusiasts.

Simply take the best horses in the world from all age groups and distances and place them together and you’ll have the Breeders Cup betting experience. But throw in an intriguing showdown between a dominant horse in Europe and the top horse in the US and you get a Breeders Cup bet that not many people can pass on.

Breeders Cup betting fans had been hoping a praying for this match up for months and it now appears certain that Henrythenavigator and Big Brown will square off. Many people didn’t think this Breeders Cup bet would come about, but it now appears that it will. The word through the wire was that Henry’s owners would run him in the mile this year, but the persuasion of the Breeders Cup betting fan base and the chance to go against the best undoubtedly weighed heavily on the decision.

Among Breeders Cup betting analysts, Big Brown is the horse to beat and despite skipping a beat in the run for the Triple Crown and a few injuries, this horse has proven to be the best when fully healthy. It also appears that he will be the favorite in the Breeders Cup bet odds as well when race time rolls around. In fact, many Breeders Cup betting fans are willing to stake a large sum on him, so deep is their certainty of his performance.

Backers of Henrythenavigator certainly have something to say about all this Breeders Cup betting talk. Henry has been all but unbeatable in Europe all summer long, and not only does he win, he dominates. He’s won in nearly every fashion and has shown great skill that should translate to success in the Breeders Cup betting. What makes things so interesting from a Breeders Cup bet perspective is that he’s never faced top tier competition this year. The Breeders Cup betting will be his introduction to the big time.

The prospect of such a matchup in the Breeders Cup betting has left many fans salivating: a super horse from Europe coming to America to race against the sport’s best. It sounds like something out of a Hollywood script, but in fact, it’s going to be this year’s lineup. And that’s simply one more reason not to miss the Breeders Cup betting action this October.

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