Betting on Breeders Cup Races 2008

November 30th, 2010 Breeders Cup Betting

Betting on Breeders Cup horse racing is perhaps the pinnacle of the racing world.

There is hardly a competition anywhere in any sport that brings together such a vast array of top talent for a two-day competition as one finds when they place a bet on Breeders cup action. This year the prospects for betting on Breeders Cup racing looks as lively as it’s ever been and any sports fan would be crazy to miss it.

Betting on Breeders Cup has become the “can’t miss” event in horse racing over the past two decades. It is a brilliant concept and fans that bet on Breeders Cup races must wonder why someone didn’t think of it sooner. For someone that has never engaged in betting on Breeders Cup action it is really something that must be experienced, rather than explained, to get a real understanding of what it is. But in brief summary, betting on Breeders Cup is more or less like the world championships in horse racing, or as close to such a thing as there is in the world.

Simply ask anyone that has made a bet on Breeders Cup action before and they’ll tell you it is there favorite racing event ever. All the top horses in the world compete throughout the season in America, Europe and Asia for an invitation to the betting on Breeders Cup action. If a horse is good enough to qualify it will receive a special review by a panel of experts as to whether or not they will get an invitation to the betting on Breeders Cup event. There are certain thresholds of success which much be met and certain races that serve as qualifiers for the bet on Breeders Cup action.

It is every horse owner’s dream to see their horse run in the betting on Breeders Cup races. The reasons for this are multiple and not the least of which is money. As with everything in sports these days money is one of the driving forces in betting Breeders Cup popularity and with the second largest daily purse in the world why wouldn’t it be.

But more than just the handsome payout the betting on Breeders Cup is by far the most prestigious race in the world. Sure, the Kentucky Derby may receive more attention from casual horse racing fans and the media, but ask any owner which event they’d rather win and 9 out of 10 will tell you that they’d rather win the betting on Breeders Cup Classic. It’s a matter of prestige and respect among their piers and that’s why you’ll often see horses skip a Triple Crown event but never the betting on Breeders Cup Classic if they can qualify.

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