Betting on Breeders Cup in 2008

November 30th, 2010 Breeders Cup Betting

Betting on Breeders Cup odds in 2008 as in every year will be no piece of cake.

There are all kinds of factors that make or break a bet and so its pays to do a bit of homework before you bet on Breeders’ Cup action. To be sure, there are plenty of great wagering opportunities but the odds are, that any betting on Breeders Cup favorites will not prove to be all that lucrative.

Betting on Breeders Cup veterans love the high level of competition that always seems to define the event year in and year out, but they also lament the flat odds that most of the bet on Breeders’ Cup top races feature. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s obviously good because it means the level of competition is so strong that it’s difficult to define a clear winner from among the betting on Breeders Cup favorites. But as every fan that’s ever bet on Breeders’ Cup action knows, it often means a very small payout if one of the favored horses is triumphant in betting on Breeders Cup race. And the betting can be especially un-lucrative if there is a small group of horses that is superior to the rest of the field but betting on Breeders Cup handicappers aren’t certain as to which horse is tops.

This is year this exact scenario is in play and that’s a bit of a disappointment for anyone looking to bet on Breeders top race. The Breeders Cup Classic this year features three terrific horses which will enter the race at virtually the same odds. Betting on Breeders Cup odds put the top three horses at all around 3-1 or 4-1 odds favorites to win. That’s a decent payout but it also limits the potential to win big as the three horses are heavily favored to round out the top three places in the betting on Breeders Cup action.

Henrythenavigator, Curlin and Big Brown are the near unanimous favorites in the bet on Breeders’ Cup action. The fact that there are three top horses also is a bit damaging for any bets on the top three placing in the betting on Breeders Cup competition. But this may the strategy that proves the most lucrative to potential bettors. Two of these horses in the top three seem likely, but if you could correctly identify a long shot to mix in with the two top placers it could be a very worthwhile betting on Breeders Cup play.

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