Betting on Breeders Cup Excitement

November 30th, 2010 Breeders Cup Betting

Betting on Breeders Cup opportunities come but once a year and the horse racing community is fevered with anticipation.

There are many different reasons to bet on Breeders Cup action, but for most sports bettors it is the sporting excitement that draws them into the betting on Breeders Cup action. And for anyone that has ever been involved with betting on Breeders Cup action, it truly is one of the highlights in sports betting.

Betting on Breeders Cup races is different from any other event in horse racing. In a field of outstanding betting opportunities, the chance to bet on Breeders Cup events is something that stands out in a sport that is full of great events. High profile races like the Kentucky Derby, or any of the Triple Crown events for that matter, draw the headlines. But the betting on Breeders Cup action is what draws in the true horse racing fans.

Among all the great horse racing competition that exists from the beginning of the season all the way to the tail end, the chance to bet on Breeders Cup action is what keeps most horse racing fans going. While the Kentucky Derby might be an exciting event with the tradition and the media hype, it’s nothing in comparison to what goes on at a typical betting on Breeders Cup event. Kentucky Derby is focused primarily on one single race. The betting on Breeders Cup action is a two-day event, with 14 events. Each race presents a better chance to bet on Breeders Cup activity than the next.

The same is true for the races at Belmont, or Pimlico or Saratoga. Each event is fantastic in its own right, but for the sheer volume and quality of the competition, the betting on Breeders Cup action is unmatched. The race that comes closest to matching the excitement of the betting on Breeders Cup activity is the Dubai World Cup.

This series of races is the richest day in sport with a purse even larger than collective riches doled out to the betting on Breeders Cup race winners. The Dubai event truly is spectacular and swimming in cash, but even this great modern creation cannot match the betting on Breeders Cup lineup in terms of attracting top horses.

And that is why fans can’t wait to watch the races –they simply can’t be matched in terms of quality and excitement.

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