Betting Breeders Cup Classic Specifics

November 30th, 2010 Breeders Cup Betting

Betting Breeders Cup aficionados definitely have their favorites among the many races at the event.

But almost all of them, as well as any racing fan that’s never even bet Breeders Cup events, will tell you that the Classic is what they’re all there to see. Betting Breeders Cup racing is full of great match ups but the Breeders Cup Classic is the Super Bowl of horse racing.

Betting Breeders Cup options are as open as you’ll find at any major horseracing event, but the focus is on the Classic. Everyone knows that the Classic is a main draw at the betting Breeders Cup event, but not everyone is familiar with the specifics of this event when they bet Breeders Cup.

To begin, the Breeders Cup Classic is the last race during the betting Breeders Cup weekend. Held on Saturday after all the other events have been run, this is what the fans save their money for and bet Breeders Cup action on. It’s a ‘Grade 1’ event for aged thoroughbreds, which may not mean much to some. However, if you’re betting Breeders Cup action, especially the Classic, take note. That classification means that horses entered into this betting Breeders Cup event must be at least three-years old, when most horses do their best racing. The weight restriction varies based on age. The weight restrictions also vary for horses in the betting Breeders Cup race based on whether they’re from the northern or southern hemisphere.

The race itself is run on dirt and is one and a quarter mile in length. It is widely regarded among the international racing community as the top event anywhere in the world. Indeed, not only does a win at this betting Breeders Cup race pay the owners wallet the enormous $5 million purse, but winning the race is such a huge feat that the winning horse often goes on to win such individual accolades as the horse of the year, or top money-earner.

Last year, such was the case when Curlin took the jewel of the betting Breeders Cup events and was also named horse of the year. This year the betting Breeders Cup event will be held at Santa Anita Park and the field is as wide open as ever. Fans would be crazy to miss the chance to bet Breeders Cup action at such a perfect track.

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