Betting Breeders Cup Action in 2008

November 30th, 2010 Breeders Cup Betting

Betting Breeders Cup action has not been this exciting in a long while.

Par of it has to do with the talented field and part of it has to with some exciting changes made in the betting Breeders Cup action, but anyway you look at it, it should be excellent betting for sports fans. In fact, many analysts are already calling it one of the best chances to bet Breeders Cup action in decades.

Betting Breeders Cup has been around since the mid 80’s which makes it a relatively new addition to the sport of kinds. When you consider such other races in the US, like the Kentucky years have been around for century and a half, two decades of racing doesn’t seem like much of a history. But in that very short while betting Breeders Cup action has established itself as the premier horse racing event in the world. And even though the non-bet Breeders Cup public may not be as familiar with it as other races, there should be little doubt that this is the single most important event in horse racing.

If you were to ask every horse trainer and owner whether they would rather win the Kentucky Derby or the betting Breeders Cup event, 10 out of 10 would prefer to win the betting Breeders Cup Classic. The reason is simple. The Breeders Cup is like the World Series, the Super Bowl and the NBA finals of horse racing. Just because it doesn’t have as much tradition or the name recognition of a Kentucky Derby or a Belmont Stakes, doesn’t mean that bet Breeders Cup action isn’t the best on the market. Horse people place so much emphasis on the betting Breeders Cup because obviously the purse is the largest and who wouldn’t like that?

But it’s also a very prestigious event and the unofficial championship of horse racing. In order to gain respect among your piers, there is no better way than to win the betting Breeders Cup event. If you win this event you can be sure that not only will your horse go down in betting Breeders Cup history but you will earn the respect of other horse owners and trainers and cement your place among the best. The reason for this is that the bet Breeders Cup action has come to represent the best of the best. Year in and year the Classic always features the most competitive field in horse racing. The best of the best from all the horse racing continents runs in the betting Breeders Cup action.

This is the race that the whole world waits for every year, and when October roles around, it’s all but impossible to contain the enthusiasm that comes with the betting Breeders Cup event.

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