2010 Breeders Cup Betting Tips

November 30th, 2010 Breeders Cup Betting

With the Breeders Cup just around the corner the time is right for some tips to consider for Breeders Cup betting.

We all want to make a nice score and hit some long shots in Breeders Cup odds.  What do we need to do to give ourselves a better chance of winning money?

This sounds so obvious but there are so many races that you can run out of money on the first day.  There are 14 races so you simply have to allocate money for each race you want to play.  You can’t just hope to hit something and then play the next race.  You have to set aside a certain amount for each race.

Don’t Play Every Race
You are not going to win every race in the Breeders Cup. It is not going to happen, period.  You need to pick the best spots for your cash. If you just have to be in action in every race then just bet $2 on a horse for fun.

European Horses on the Turf
When you look at the turf races you need to strongly consider the European horses. They do very well on the grass. Keep in mind this year that the Breeders Cup is at Churchill Downs so there is no synthetic surface to worry about.

Long shots
Breeders Cup races are great for long shots.  There are going to be some excellent payouts in the Breeders Cup. You don’t want to automatically throw out those 50-1 shots as you would in a normal race. The Breeders Cup is not a normal race. This is the best of the best and any horse can win.

Pick 3’s and Pick 4’s
The way to hit a big score in Breeders Cup odds is to play the exotic tickets.  Yes, you can sometimes hit a nice 20-1 horse in the Breeders Cup but is not easy and unless you are betting a lot of money it doesn’t mean much.  Pick 3’s and Pick 4’s on the other hand are a great way to make some big money. If you can hit just one ticket where a long shot comes through it can make your entire Breeders Cup betting worthwhile at Sbg global.com.  Keep that in mind as you play the races this year.

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