2008 Breeders Cup Betting History

November 30th, 2010 Breeders Cup Betting

Breeders Cup betting has a unique and cherished history in the world of sport.

While Breeders Cup wagering may not be the oldest horse racing event around, it makes up for any lack of longevity with riches and excitement. Traditionally, the Breeders Cup betting event is one of the richest days of sports wagering in the world. The glamour of the event has attracted top tier talent and bettors since it’s inception over twenty years ago.

Breeders Cup betting fans might be surprised to learn that this horse racing event hasn’t existed for three decades yet. In 1984 the first Breeders Cup wagering event was held. No other sporting event has gained such fame and accolades in such a short amount of time as the Breeders Cup betting. In fact, the name has become synonymous with greater betting and big stakes and now ranks among the most well known events in all of horse racing. That the Breeders Cup betting event could grow so quickly in stature in a sport so rich with history and tradition is a true testament the quality of the event and the thrilling sporting event that it is.

But just why is it that in 24 short years the Breeders Cup betting event should grow so quickly while many other horse racing events have sunk into the shadows of the sport. The answer, as with most sports, has to do with money and when it comes to the Breeders Cup wagering, there is plenty of money. In fact, the Breeders Cup betting event has become almost synonymous with money.

To the uninitiated this may seem a bit insensitive, but in order to lure the finest horses and trainers to the Breeders Cup betting, money is crucial. And not to worry, sportsmanship has not been sacrificed in order to accommodate the event. Both have gone hand in hand thus far in the history of the Breeders Cup betting and it’s certain that this year’s event will carry on that tradition.

This year as the focus of the horse racing world and Breeders Cup wagering enthusiasts descend upon the renowned Santa Anita Racecourse in southern California. With many of the top horses in the sport holding off in the summer schedule in preparation for this year’s Breeders Cup betting event, we could see some of the best competition and most unpredictable action that we’ve seen at the Breeders Cup betting in years.

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