VR simulation predicts outcome of Floyd-Conor match

October 30th, 2019 Boxing

Some people say boxing betting odds would favor Floyd Mayweather while UFC betting odds would favor Conor McGregor, depending on whether their vaunted fight were to take place in a boxing ring or a MMA octagon. Most people who still have a shred of connection with this plane of reality agree that the match is never going to happen, regardless of how much the two would-be opponents run their mouths. Someone, however, has imagined a third alternative scenario in which Money would beat The Notorious One with a single punch. And the best part is, it’s as realistic as it gets and probably the closest we’ll ever get to see the two lock up.

The video – which beats the crap out of McGregor’s photoshopped poster worse than Canelo beat Khan – shows Mayweather taking his legendary defensive skills to whole new level, presumably making the most of a no count out stipulation. We also get to see Money take advantage of the Irishman hubris to knock him out – which is exactly what would happen if the fight were contested under boxing rules, even though punching is not Mayweather’s forté. Also not among his strong-suits? According to Fox Sports, fighting opponents in their prime. His main strength? Winning by points after 12 tepid rounds. Important boxing betting information.

As for Conor, his pet peeves include promoting fights – except when those fights have no chance of happening, as is the case with this one. And what do they have in common? They both talk trash, though McGregor is harder to understand. If it appears that nobody is taking this fight seriously except Floyd Connor – and there is every reason to believe their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks – it’s because absolutely nobody is. And it all comes down to a single fact; McGregor is under contract with UFC – and that contract contains exclusivity clause precluding him from competing in the events of other promotion companies.

The UFC is not going to release Conor from his contract – and he’d be certifiable if he wanted out for just one fight, however big the purse might be – especially now that McGregor and Dana White have kissed and made up, even making plans to go out for dinner. The only way White would allow this to happen is if it takes place under the UFC banner – which would protect his boy because, as we said, UFC betting odds would heavily favor him, just like boxing betting odds would favor Money. But even the UFC president has dismissed the whole thing as a tabloid story. In a new twist, legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach has revealed McGregor requested coaching from him. Roach said he’d like to meet Conor, who “seems like a nice guy.” Legendary he may be, but apparently not the best judge of character.

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