Tips to Looking at the Boxing Line

November 30, 2010 Boxing

Boxing line odds are interesting to consider each month with fights taking place around the world. In addition to the marquee fights that happen every year, many sportsbooks will put up odds on fights from around the globe each month. Let’s consider some of the things to remember as you look at the boxing betting line.

Boxing line odds are based on the money line.  That means all you care about is your boxer winning.  It is not like football or basketball where you have to worry about the pointspread. 

If your boxer pounds the other one then you win versus the boxing line.  The first thing to consider as you look at the boxing betting line is the talent of the two fighters.  Very often as you look at the boxing line you are going to see heavy favorites.  You have to be very careful about betting underdogs in a talent mismatch.  Usually in boxing; more so than in any other sport, favorites win versus the boxing line.  That is why they are so highly priced on the boxing line.  Another big factor to consider is experience.  You can’t be going against the experienced fighter very often on the boxing line and win.  It is kind of like going against an inexperience team in sports betting.  Usually it requires experience before a team wins and the same thing can be said about a boxer.

Another factor to consider on the boxing betting line is the streak factor.  Many times a boxer will come into a fight on a big winning streak.  You really don’t want to buck that streak as you look at the boxing betting line.  You also want to consider intangibles like a change in trainers or a change in weight, etc.  You also want to consider style as you look at the boxing line.  You don’t want to be betting a boxer that has a style that is vulnerable against another style.

As you look at the boxing line remember to consider many factors.  The boxing betting line is similar to other types of sports betting lines in that the more research you do, the better.  If you can find out specific factors that apply to the fight your chances of success against the boxing line will inevitably be better.

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