Betting Odds on Boxing

November 30th, 2010 Boxing Betting

Boxing odds are a great way to enjoy the spirit of sports wagering and one of the great traditions in the sports betting world.

For more than a century the boxing betting odds have been a main stay of the sports community that they’ve been taken for granted or else forgotten by much of the world. But the truth is that the boxing odds industry has seen better days and there is isn’t a lot of optimism in the sport right now.

Boxing odds used to be king in the world of sports wagering. There was a time when the most popular sport in the world was boxing and the most sought out sports betting odds in the world were boxing odds. Not only that, but the most popular athletes and some of the richest men in the world were from the world of boxing odds. Legends of the ring including Jack Dempsey, Joe Lewis, Max Bear, etc, were bigger than life boxing odds figures in their day.

Sadly, today we don’t have those types of figures in the world of boxing betting odds and it seems that boxing odds action is dying as result of this lack of interest. It would have been hard to imagine just 50 years ago that the boxing odds universe would be losing steam but it’s the sad truth. Gone are the days of when the boxing odds champ was king of the sports heap, or at least mentioned in the same breath. Great past boxing betting odds champs like Mohammed Ali, George Foreman, Sugar Ray, Joe Frazier, etc, now seem like a very distant memory to most boxing odds fans.

In the past 20 years there has only been one name in boxing odds circles that has created the type of buzz that these fighters did and it’s been for mostly the wrong reasons. Mike Tyson is likely the only name known outside of boxing odds circles these days and it’s not so much for his boxing. The only athlete to transcend boxing betting odds and enter into the main stream pop culture, Tyson represents all the thing wrong with boxing odds these days. Despite his tremendous talent he has led a tragic life of unfulfilled promise and reckless behavior.

And sadly he is perhaps the best known ambassador of boxing odds to the outside world.