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November 30th, 2010 Boxing Betting

Boxing odds experts have asked out loud what the best fight in the ring would be right now.

With so many fighters and so many weight classes out there right now it’s hard to say which boxing betting odds would get the fans the most fired up. Most likely however, in an era where boxing odds featuring fighters from different natural weight classes, such a match up would have the greatest chance of drawing the biggest numbers of boxing odds fans.

Boxing odds have seen better days but there is still plenty of excitement left in the sport and there are plenty of top boxers around to stir up interest in boxing betting odds. The undisputed best boxer pound for pound on the planet right now is welter weight Floyd Mayweather. He is also the undisputed most despised man in boxing odds as well. But in the roll if anti-hero Mayweather has thrived and done a great job of reviving interest in boxing betting odds. It’s not often a welter weight can carry the world of boxing odds, but he’s done a great job so far and there doesn’t look like anyone on the boxing betting odds horizon that will knock him off any time soon.

Mayweather was involved with both of the most talked about boxing odds matches last year and will headlining the boxing odds in the coming year as well. But after Mayweather the other big names in boxing odds are all relative has-beens. The top boxing odds match ups still draw on big name boxers past their prime.

Boxers like Roy Jones Jr and Felix Trinidad are still some of the biggest drawing names in boxing odds even though their skills have greatly declined. Oscar de la Hoya has also made several forays back into the boxing odds rings with questionable results. However, de la Hoya, now a savvy promoter is a big name that can certainly get the attention of the boxing betting odds world. Talk of re-match with Mayweather has been wide spread and it will likely occur this year. Barring any big new developments in the boxing odds world that potential bout could be the biggest boxing betting odds match up of year.

And that may not be such a great thing for the boxing odds universe considering what a dud their last match up was.

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