Making a Boxing Bet

November 30th, 2010 Boxing Betting

Boxing bet odds are pretty easy to understand but you may not be aware that the money lines you are likely to see may be quite high. Boxing betting oftentimes will have fighters favored at -500 or more.

Boxing bet odds on a competitive fight will have each fighter at odds of -120 or even money.  A big favorite in boxing betting odds will oftentimes have fighters at 5-1 or more. 

This means that the oddsmaker thinks the favored fighter is a very big favorite.  You will also see boxing bet odds of more than that.  It is not uncommon to see odds of 10-1 or more on a big favorite in boxing bet odds.  There have even been occasions in boxing betting where a fighter was 30-1 or 40-1 as a favorite.  Usually sportsbooks will only put up boxing lines on fights where the favorite is 15-1 or less.

In boxing you will see a money line similar to what you see in hockey or baseball.  The favored fighter is minus money for a boxing bet while the underdog is plus money in boxing betting.  It might have Boxer A at -200 and Boxer B at +160.  This means that you would have to wager $200 on Boxer A (the favorite) to win $100 in the boxing bet.  You would have to bet $100 on Boxer B (the underdog) to win $160.  Winning would get you back your risk money plus the money you won.  So the favorite would return you $300 (your $200 plus the $100) while the dog would get you $260 back ($160 won plus your $100).

You may see different boxing betting odds on a fight but they will be fairly similar at sportsbooks.  You should also know that as you make a boxing bet you will need to monitor the lines.  They will change just as they do in other sports.  Professionals place a boxing bet just as they do in other sports.

Another boxing bet option is called a proposition bet.  These boxing bet wagers are made on how a fight is won (knockout or decision).  You may also have boxing bet proposition wagers on how long a fight will last (over or under a set number of rounds).  You may also see the draw option.  These are all great boxing betting choices to consider.

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