Handicapping Boxing Betting Odds

November 30th, 2010 Boxing Betting

Boxing betting odds will have some of the biggest favorites that you will see in any sport. It is not uncommon to see -400 and -500 favorites on the boxing odds board on a regular basis. How do you go about handicapping such high priced boxing betting odds?

Boxing betting odds will sometimes give you value.  Since boxing is not high on the list of priorities of boxing odds makers you might be able to find some overlooked information that may have been missed.  The public knows very little about boxing. 

They only know the big names.  That is good news for you as you consider boxing betting odds.  The less information that is out there in the media means the less likely anyone will do much research.  You can do some serious handicapping by going to the websites that have boxing odds information.  There will usually be some sites that preview the fight and give background information on the fighters.  These sites will not be major media sites but sites that focus on boxing and boxing betting odds.

You should know that in boxing very few fighters are well known.  It takes them winning some big fight before they get all the publicity.  That means you can find out more about the fighters involved as you look at boxing betting odds.  This is a big advantage as you look at boxing betting odds.  You can get some good information on fights that the boxing odds maker does not have.  That is always good news for you.  Handicapping boxing betting odds can be done similar to how you handicap other sports.  Take a look at the statistics that are available on both fighters.  Look at their past records, their styles, etc as you examine boxing betting odds.  You may find some value as you consider these boxing odds.

Boxing betting odds can be beaten if you take the time to do research that the public won’t do.  Go beyond what you see on ESPN and other major media sites and do some investigating.  There is plenty of information available if you are willing to do the work.

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