Conor could take Floyd to a Decision, Joe Rogan Says

October 31st, 2019 Boxing

Conor McGregor has good – not great – sports betting odds of taking Floyd Mayweather to a decision in a boxing ring, said Joe Rogan. According to the podcaster, sports commentator, and stand-up comedian, Mayweather is older his punches not what they used to be. If they were to fight in MMA, Conor McGregor would “{expletive deleted} (Mayweather) up”, but in a boxing match, Mayweather would {expletive deleted} (McGregor) up.” Regardless of the fact that Floyd is not a “murderous puncher” like Canelo Alvarez or Gennady Golovkin, and that once you turn 39 you never know, Rogan thinks Mayweather is one the greatest boxers of all time.

In fact, Mayweather could “{expletive deleted} expose the {expletive deleted} out of you.” However, Conor does have going for him that he is super confident, a lot of which is actually justified. Thus, Rogan believes he might make it to the decision. Having said that, Rogan also made it clear that the fight is very unlikely to take place unless the UFC let him out of his contract – then again, he’s already gone on a 10 minute retirement, and was removed from a UFC 200 rematch with Nate Diaz, so his relationship with the company is tenuous at best. As for Floyd, he seems to be content with retirement, but a return to the sport that made him rich cannot be ruled out.

Additionally, both individuals have added fuel to the fire more than they have quenched it. Mayweather told that “it’s possible” but it would take “$100 million or better” to make it happen. As for McGregor, he tweeted a teaser poster – captioned “MMA vs. boxing” – featuring the two in a stare-off. Previously, both fighters have been engaged in a war of words that could go on for a long while. After all, Floyd milked the expectations of his fight against Pacquiao long after they both were past their prime. Notwithstanding that, many people would pay to see this proposed spectacle.

So what are the sports betting odds of this happening? That’s extremely hard to say at the moment. Once again, a lot of people really want this to come to pass, but the two people who need to want it to happen are the ones who would be getting in on – and if McGregor actually walks the walk the way he talks the talk, I couldn’t imagine him letting even the UFC get in his way. Then there is also the matter of agreeing on a battle ground – either a boxing ring or the octagon, which would really influence who to bet on. If you bet on boxing, you choice would probably Mayweather, and the other way around if you bet on UFC.

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