Canelo Alvarez Officially Vacates WBC Middleweight Title

October 29th, 2019 Boxing

Fans who bet on boxing will have to wait longer than the vaunted “15 days” to see Saul ‘Canelo Alvarez’-Gennady Golovkin fight. The Mexican redhead has officially vacated the WBC middleweight championship in order to avoid quote-unquote artificial deadlines – methinks it’s something else he’s trying to avoid. The World Boxing Council had decreed a 15-day period for Golden Boy Promotions to finalize a unification bout with GGG. With this new development, the mandatory challenger and interim champ Triple G becomes the new and undisputed title-holder. It appears as if Canelo’s whiteness is not the only trait he shares with paper.

Let’s play devil’s advocate, though. One thing about Canelo is he can’t do anything halfway and he hears boxing betting fans and they chant Golovkin’s name, and one thing’s for sure, they’re going to have that in the future, and that’s what he wants for fans who bet on boxing. In spite of what people may think about him, he’s always wanted for people to have a good time and enjoy themselves. What was always important to him is the performance, so that these people, each time they reached in their pocket, they paid to get a ticket, they didn’t regret it because they knew that if they saw his name on the card they could yell, they could come and they could cheer and they could boo and they could do whatever they wanted as long as they had a good time.

Over the last couple of months there’s been a lot of talk of people having bad attitudes and a lot revolving around this belt. One thing that’s not going to revolve around this belt is going to be Canelo Alvarez. He knows right now we’re in the middle of a time where toughness is real big in the World Boxing Council, and unfortunately all he’s got right now for boxing betting fans is a lot of sorrow, a lot of tears, and a lot of emotion. He doesn’t have any toughness for anybody, so here you go, here’s your belt.

What he’s going to do is go back home and see what’s left for him. Over the last several months he’s lost a lot of things and one of them has been his smile. And it doesn’t mean a whole lot to everybody else, but it means a lot to him. So he has to go back and find his smile because somewhere along the line he lost it, and he doesn’t care if people make fun of him because he’s an emotional guy. But this is all he’s ever wanted to do and he thanks people who bet on boxing, and he has everybody else to thank, and it means a lot to him and, he’s gonna go home now. Okay?

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