Boxing Odds for Canelo vs. Khan

November 4th, 2019 Boxing

With the boxing odds posted for the upcoming WBC World Middleweight Title fight between Canelo and Khan, we take a look into this main event.

After Pacquiao is seemingly gone for good, after beating Tim Bradley and Mayweather enjoying his millions and toying with a possible comeback, the next big draw in professional boxing is Canelo Alvarez. The Mexican Middleweight Champ is enjoying big popularity and in order to give him a big fight for 2016, a golden opportunity was handed to Amir Khan, a quick, welterweight fighter that has been deserving of a big fight for a while.

The boxing odds at SBG Global Sportsbook for the fight are currently:

Amir Khan 9½ (EV) +425
Canelo Alvarez 9½ (-120) -550

With Canelo staying at his best weight class, he has a clear advantage, but Amir Khan has developed a reputation of being a boxer that can provide exciting bouts. However, this fight comes with its share of controversy as many detractors of the Mexican Middleweight Champion is only taking fights from much smaller opponents that are moving up the weight class. On paper this might be like a fight that is designed to keep Canelo active, but Khan is not a pushover that will let him walk all over him. This will be a closer fight than expected.

Alvarez is powerful puncher, but Khan is quick. He can dance around Canelo, but the Mexican fighter hits hard and often. The main focus for this fight will be if Khan is able to take Canelo’s best punches and land some of his own. But, in Khan’s history there are two losses where he lost to boxers who weren’t as powerful punchers as Canelo. But let us not forget about how Mayweather took Canelo Alvarez to school in 2013. Alvarez demonstrated in that fight that with speed and precision, you might be able to really stun him. Khan, unlike Canelo’s opponents after Floyd, is fast and could bring back some painful memories this Saturday night.

But ultimately, the physical advantage of Canelo is the key why he is considered the favorite for this bout. Khan’s punches are not going to be as damaging as the punishment that Alvarez can dish out. He will likely come out the victor at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Kahn could squeeze in and make this debatable, but it is not going to be that close.

What insiders in boxing odds are saying about this fight is that is some ways is a stepping-stone for the fight that everybody wants in the Middleweight class: Alvarez versus GGG. Golovkin is currently regarded as the most exciting fighter in boxing today, and with his current track record he sees like a viable and legit contender for Canelo. This superfight is the next logical step and one that could revitalize the sport. Canelo, if he wins this Saturday will have to address a challenge from GGG (the mandatory contender as an interim champion)… that is unless; Khan scores a surprising upset win this Saturday.

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