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November 30th, 2010 Boxing Betting

Boxing gambling is definitely not as popular as it was a decade ago but sometimes gamblers forget that boxing gambling odds are still listed nearly every month of the year.

Boxing gambling for most people only gets exciting on the marquee fights that can be seen on TV.  For other professional gamblers that look at boxing gambling odds, boxing presents a good opportunity to make money. 

Most average gamblers don’t realize that sportsbooks put up boxing gambling odds on fights every month.  The good news for boxing gambling experts is that money can be made.

Boxing gambling odds are available throughout the year with a number of great opportunities to win money.  You should also be aware that boxing gambling involves money lines, so if your fighter wins, you get paid.  For example, a money line in boxing gambling usually has one fighter as a solid favorite and one fighter as the underdog.  Boxing gambling is similar in some respects to baseball betting because you have big favorites and big underdogs.  Gamblers that look at boxing gambling will usually choose favorites but sometimes underdogs can be attractive.  If you hit an underdog at +300 or more you only need to win one in three to make money.

Boxing gambling will also involve round propositions and sometimes odds one whether the fight will end in knockout or decision.  These boxing gambling choices are available on most bouts throughout the year.  This gives gamblers that really want to do some handicapping some great chances to make money.  These gamblers don’t focus on the marquee fights in boxing gambling; they focus on the fights that are happening every month that go under the radar for most people.

Money can be made at boxing gambling if you do a little research and know what to look for.  You will want to take a look at the statistics of the boxers in involved and you will want to look at their past history.  You may also want to read about the fight and get an idea of the styles of the two boxers and how they match up against each other.  It is similar to betting other sports in that you need to do some research for your wagers.

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