Top potential Boxing Betting match ups

November 30th, 2010 Boxing Betting

Boxing betting has been hurt by a lack of compelling match ups in recent years, but 2007 seemed to end on a high note.

That has carried over into 2008 so far with many compelling sports betting matches already in the books. And if that’s any indication boxing betting fans should have plenty to look forward to in the rest of the year.

Boxing betting has plenty of interesting match ups in the works, sport betting boxing fans will simply have to wait and see which of the fights will actually come to fruition. But there is plenty of reason for boxing fans to get excited even if only a fraction of the proposed boxing betting contests actually occur.

One of the most anticipated boxing betting showdowns is a proposed fight between retiring champ Oscar de la Hoya and his nemesis Floyd Mayweather. If for not other reason than the ever present boxing betting hype machine this fight has been on the tip of most sports betting boxing fans since the first fight ended. As most boxing betting enthusiasts will recall Mayweather won that match but it was far from a thing of beauty. It was boring, defensive and de la Hoya failed to use his size and strength advantage effectively enough to win. Mayweather boxed a very intelligent match and deserved the boxing betting win, but it was boring and lackluster.

So even though the rematch will be the most hyped boxing betting event of the year, due to the high profile of the fighters and the tremendous amount of promotion money that will be dumped into this sports betting boxing show down, fans shouldn’t expect it to turn out all that much different. The only different will be that it could be the last time de la Hoya steps into a competitive boxing betting match and he’ll likely want to go down swinging.

A much better but less hyped boxing betting match up would be Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto. That might not have the big name sports betting boxing appeal of de la Hoya match, but the boxing would be of much higher quality.