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November 30th, 2010 Boxing Betting

Boxing betting fans have had little to be excited lately. Whether it’s the lack of talented boxers, the poor promotion of the sport or the public’s preference for wagering action other than boxing betting odds it’s hard to say.

But boxing betting is still one of the great sports wagering pleasures around and boxing betting could once again be back on top with the right efforts. Boxing betting has a long a storied tradition and it’s almost sad to see it in such a state. There was once a time when boxing betting was like NFL, NBA, Soccer, and baseball betting all rolled into one. Boxing betting was the game in town and nothing even came close to creating the kind of demand that boxing betting odds did.

Boxing betting was not only huge in the US, but worldwide it was by far the biggest sport. That was more than a century ago now and it’s likely difficult to imagine boxing betting in such a light but it’s true. Starting in the late 1800’s boxing betting ascended to the pinnacle of sport. After changing the format of boxing betting odds match ups to include a set amount of rounds rather than just a fight to exhaustion or death, the boxing betting industry began to boom. Forcing opponents to try and knock each other out in a fixed amount of time created a much better version of sport and boxing betting has never been the same since.

Since making the chance to a standard 21 round and then 12 round format boxing betting catapulted onto the biggest stage in all of sports. Early champs like John L Sullivan and Jack Dempsey became monster stars over night and did wonders to advance boxing betting’s cause. These were big time personalities that boxing betting odds fans flocked to.

At that time, around the turn of the century, there were no other sports betting that came close to boxing betting odds and the boxing bettors themselves were most well known humans on the planet. Not only that, but they were paid handsomely for their troubles and many boxing betting historians estimate they were among the wealthiest people on the planet at that time.

That may seem like a far cry off from the state of boxing betting today, but with the right type of promotion, boxing betting odds could be back there someday.

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