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November 30th, 2010 Boxing Betting

Boxing betting has been such a huge part of the sports scene for long that it can be disappointing at times to contemplate the decline of bet on boxing.

Bet on boxing fans have little to choose from these days. But the only constant thing in life is change and certainly bet on boxing is not immune to this truism. Bet on boxing fans have long lamented the lack of any big names in the sport and the shabby state of boxing betting is hardly a destination that was achieved over night.

In fact, bet on boxing fans have been noticing the drop off of the sport for quite some time. Even in the last great years of bet on boxing in the late 1980s and early 1990s, even the big names then were recycled bet on boxing names from the past. Take for example George Foreman, a mountain of man and one the great figures in bet on boxing history, he was originally a boxing betting figure in the 1970s but came out retirement to reclaim the belt. To the younger generation of bet on boxing fans he’s likely better known for hawking electric grills, but that is yet another indication of how boxing betting has changed.

The last great champ in bet on boxing that made people want to watch bouts and bet on boxing was arguably Mike Tyson. This deeply flawed fighter was one of the biggest names in bet on boxing history thanks to his unbelievable talent. He was a knockout artist whose boxing skills were always a bit rough, but he had perhaps the quickest hands in the history of boxing betting for a big man and one punch was all it took for him to end an boxing betting bout.

Some bet on boxing fans may argue that Evander Holyfield was the last great champ of the sport but by the time he burst onto the scene the bet on boxing landscape was already watered down and even though he had great success as the bet on boxing champ, he never made people’s jaw drop the way all the other bet on boxing champs did.

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